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civilized - HAPPY HOUR, performance installation
Saturday, November 3, 2018 | 4:00-10:00 PM
Performance Works NorthWest:
4625 SE 67th Ave. Portland, OR 97206

Tickets: $10 Admission | $20 Admission + Beverage (mock/cocktails avail.).
Guests are invited to attend anytime during HAPPY HOUR.

An exploration of freezing and thawing and capitalism // civilized – HAPPY HOUR is part III of an exploration into ice as lens. The latest installment of this serial work crafts space with suspended frozen capsules that speak with reflective clarity of the temporal and of human nature. The experience melts into collapse offering HAPPY HOUR  guests time for reflection over handcrafted “detoxifying” libations or a moment of collective catharsis through a bartended thermodynamic exchange that serves as offset for our personal planetary load.

Sound compositions by Doug Theriault. Performances by Celine Bouly, Kyle Delamarter, and Catherine Egan.

Photo: civilized, Alembic Resident Artist performance, Performance Works NorthWest, 2018 by Chelsea Petrakis. This event is part of the Performance Works NorthWest Alembic Co-Production Series and is made possible, in part, by RACC.

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